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Thumbnail Image for Article 6728JD Celebrates Grandparents Day with a Mexican Themed Merienda
Posted Date: 09/16/2016

JD Salinas celebrated Grandparents Day with some pan dulce and Mexican costumes on September 16th, 2016. Some of our students and their grandparents enjoyed this special treat that included a few of them sharing their thoughts and thanking their family for attending the event, as well as a grito contest, since we also proudly celebrated dieciséis de septiembre at our campus during that day. As the event went on, two of our teachers delighted the grandparents with a few Mexican dances, which became a sensation when one of our honorees stepped up to the stage and joined Mrs. Carrillo during her “Jarabe Tapatío” performance; “we all cheered to the grandfather that ran to join in during the dance, he really showed his groove! He was a pro!” Leilah Gutierrez, an 8th grader that attended the event with her grandparents mentioned excitedly. Our Merienda con los Abuelitos was JD’s first big community event of the year, which with the help of our parent volunteers, that assisted with the decorations and planning, this event was made more special and memorable for all of our attending grandparents and their grandchildren.